Everyone will be a Creator, a Business and an Investor: The New Global Entrepreneurial Generation

Watch the new group of Influencers. They create & build an audience, make money from ads, sponsorships & merchandise. What venture capitalist Hunter Walk calls a multi-SKU creator. More here: Why a Paid Newsletter Won’t Be Enough Money for Most Writers (And That’s Fine): The Multi-SKU Creator

Then they either start companies on the back of their audience Like the now somewhat disgraced David Dobrik with the app Dispo for example. Or investing in startups & leveraging their audience to promote their portfolio cos like Jake Paul via the Anti-Fund or Josh Richards via his Animal Capital. Another great example is my friend Anthony Pompliano, started as an investor, then became a creator powerhouse on Twitter, Substack, then other platforms. Then he leveraged this audience to build a Rolling Fund, even going on to lead Series A rounds. He tips this off with launching the Bitcoin Pizza product (How does he find the time?! :). 

Ann Lee Skates details this very well in this tweetstorm:

This is absolutely going to be a model for all of us: the everyday person in America and soon the world. 

Why is this possible? 

This is due to the Rise of Global Platforms. From Gig Economy platforms like Uber, Lyft, Upwork, Doordash and others. We are now turning fast into the Creator Economy. Mainstays like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Snap to the new platforms like Substack, Tiktok and Clubhouse. Or Shopify and Amazon for ecommerce players. Education platforms like Maven, Kajabi and Udemy. Let’s not forget very specific creator platforms Patreon and OnlyFans. 

Many of these Influencers can rent the larger platforms and then build up personal brands and large audiences. Talk about opportunities here for building audiences. 

As they make money, this goes into investments if they are smart or even just want to keep with inflation. 

Balaji famously stated: 

“The internet turned everyone into publishers, and crypto will turn everyone into investors.

The intermediate step is hundreds of small angel funds run by individuals.

The Blogger era of investing, before the Twitter era.”


It’s not just angel investing startups. On top of this we now have new alternative assets that will become more accessible for everyone. This is not an exhaustive list but you get an idea of the how many new awesome assets there are to invest in: 

  1. Angellist & Republic for early stage tech startups

  2. Binance & Coinbase & many new Defi Exchanges like FTX for Crypto  

  3. Rally Road for collectibles

  4. Masterworks in Art

  5. EToro, Common Stock, Public and Robinhood for Public stocks (yes stocks are norm but these services do make it easier for anyone to buy & manage their portfolio)

  6. AltoIRA for investing in alternatives thru your IRA 

  7. Acretrader & Farmtogether in farmland 

  8. Fundrise, CrowdRise, Yieldstreet, Lex Markets in fractional real estate assets

Investor Mercedes Bent remarks: 

“the simultaneous surge of the creator economy & retail investing isn't a coincidence.

they both reflect consumers' desire to join the ownership economy & declare independence.”

The world is changing around us. I cannot help but feel optimistic. But it certainly feels like in the media and for most people we are so focused on the past world we lived in and not looking at the new one. 

As Alexander Graham Bell said: 

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

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