The “Launchpad” Business Concept

Everyone Should Build One!

“Before thinking of building a Amazon or Apple, you have to think of your business as a 'launchpad' first. That's because even if you have a rocket, you can't go to space without a launchpad.”

Absolutely right on. I love this concept. 

With all the new low code/ no code tools, it is very much easier than ever. Add on top of that, all the available online classes/blogs/podcasts about online marketing and copywriting. There is literally nothing stopping a motivated individual to build this kind of business. 

For most people in the world, I think this is the better path if you are a founder. Or at least a good first step to your next big thing. 

Even if you have a full time job that you love, it is probably a good idea to build a launchpad business on the side. Diverse revenue streams are good in case something happens. If you are like the 80% of people in the world who have a full time job you hate, you ABSOLUTELY need to build one.

Having a strong financial foundation allows you to do whatever you want life-wise. It makes you “UnCancellable.” You can travel the world. You can start a Rolling Venture Capital Fund or Angel Invest on the side. You can even go on to build another business that could be a VC-swing for the fences type of business. Basically a “Launchpad” business gives you a lot of options.

If i was a young 20-something, this is exactly what i would do. Heck, I need to go build a launchpad business for myself right now.